Purchase a Map
The Finger Lakes Trail Conference offers 64 high quality, waterproof paper maps, in addition to 56 downloadable map files of the entire trail system for purchase. Visit the FLTC's online store to purchase these maps, as well as to get any map revisions and stay up-to-date on your hiking adventure.
Plan Your Hike
Before setting out on a hike, everyone from first-timers to seasoned thru hikers needs to plan. From hiking basics and commonly asked questions for end-to-enders, to the packing essentials for day hikes and overnight hikes, check out our top planning tips before heading out on the trail.
Become a member of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference! Not only will your annual membership dues contribute to keeping the FLTC alive and well, you’ll also receive a subscription to the Finger Lakes Trail News, a 20% discount on FLTC Store purchases, and a vote at general membership meetings.

Finger Lakes Trail Interactive Map

Utilize this easy-to-use planning resource for your next hike along the trail. Simply use the map legend in the lower right-hand corner of the map to turn on and off features including locations for New York State Parks, parking, camping, loop trails, trail restrictions or closures, as well as corresponding Finger Lakes Trail Conference maps for each section of the trail. The map also highlights the trails variety of branch and spur trails off of the main Finger Lakes Trail.