A spur of the Finger Lakes Trail will lead you to ever-beautiful Buttermilk State Park, filled with cascading waterfalls and ample multi-season opportunities for exploring its varying landscapes.

Buttermilk Falls State Park Overview

While Buttermilk Falls State Park deviates from the main Finger Lakes Trail, its beauty and camping amenities are well worth the side trip for thru-hikers and end-to-enders.

Just a little under two miles after leaving Robert H. Treman State Park, hikers will find a junction marked with orange blazes leading toward the park along the Buttermilk Park Spur.   

Following the trail to the southern end of Treman Lake, the spur will meet the Treman Lake Trail. Here, hikers can proceed north around Lake Treman to Bear Trail, which will intersect with Buttermilk’s Gorge Trail and Rim trail.

Along the Gorge and Rim trails, hikers will ascend nearly 600 feet to the top of the gorge with Buttermilk Creek flowing below, offering views of several of the park’s waterfalls including its namesake, Buttermilk Falls

Camping in Buttermilk Falls State Park

4.1 miles off of the main trail, the Buttermilk Falls State Park Campground offers a variety of amenities to visiting hikers. Nearby, a refreshing swim at the Buttermilk Fall’s stream-fed swimming pool is a popular spot for cooling off during warmer months.

For camping reservations, visit the Buttermilk Falls State Park website or call 607.273.5761 for more information.

 Buttermilk Falls
 Buttermilk Falls