Travel north along the Conservation Trail, one of the Finger Lakes’ branch trails, and eventually you’ll reach Darien Lakes State Park, a New York State Park graced with a mix of hills, beautiful woodlands, ravines and streams, all ripe for multi-season adventures. 

Darien Lakes State Park Overview

Spanning 171 miles, the Conservation Trail links New York State and the Finger Lakes Trail with Canada’s Bruce Trail, which follows the shoreline of Lake Ontario for 300 miles, traveling along the Niagara escarpment at finally ending at the trail’s northern terminus, Tobermory in southern Ontario.

For those completing the ultimate Finger Lakes Trail challenge, a thru-hike of the whole trail, Darien Lakes State Park serves as one of the highlights of this branch trail trek before reaching Niagara Falls. 

Continuing from Allegany State Park near the Pennsylvania border, the main Finger Lakes Trail’s white blazes will transition to the Conservation Trail’s distinct orange blazes near Fancy Tract Road after approximately 55 miles.

From this point, the Conservation Branch Trail traverses easy to moderate terrain, climbing to elevations of up to 2,300 feet and crossing over challenging ravines for roughly 50 miles before reaching Darien Lakes State Park. The trail covers approximately two miles within the park.

Camping in Darien Lakes State Park

Public camping locations in Darien Lakes State Park accessible via the Finger Lakes Trail include:

  • Darien Lakes State Park Campground, accessible by turning left at the marked junction.
  • Darien Lakes Lean-to, approximately half a mile from the Conservation Trail. Take a right at the junction marked with blue blazes. Backpackers welcome.

For more information or to make camping reservations, visit the Darien Lakes State Park website or call 585.547.9242.


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