While Oquaga Creek State Park has long been known as a summer respite for city residents, its Central New York woodland setting surrounding 55-acre Arctic Lake also makes for one of the most beautiful and varied sections of the Finger Lakes Trail.

Oquaga Creek State Park Overview

Traveling south, hikers will begin the journey to Oquaga Creek State Park just after Masonville along section M27 of the Finger Lakes Trail map, climbing uphill along an old forest road to the top of Getter Hill in Beals Pond State Forest. Here, hikers will find the Getter Hill Lean-to and Motor Engine Falls.

Continuing to ascend, the trail will reach an elevation of approximately 2,000 feet before descending through Beals Pond. Following this, hikers will pass into Arctic China State Forest, a 2,858-acre forest bordering Oquaga Creek State Park.

After traveling 1.5 miles south along the Finger Lakes Trail in Arctic China, a trail junction on the right will indicate the blue-blazed trail leading to Oquaga Creek State Park. Traveling west into the park, hikers will reach Arctic Lake and the state park campground after about 1.6 miles along this trail.  

Camping in Oquaga Creek State Park

In addition to the Oquaga Creek State Park campground sites, thru hikers can utilize the Getter Hill Lean-to in the northern portion of Beals Pond State Forest.

After leaving Oquaga Creek State Park, the Cold Spring Lean-to is also available in the eastern portion of Arctic China State Forest.

For more information or to make camping reservations at the Arctic Lake Oquaga Creek State Park campground, visit the Oquaga Creek State Park website or call 607.467.4160.

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