Plan Your Finger Lakes Trail Hike


With any new adventure, preparation is key. Hiking the Finger Lakes Trail is no different and requires research and planning – especially if you’re a thru-hiker traveling end-to-end. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a helpful list of the need-to-knows, the essentials, and the must-haves so you can make sure you’re as prepared as possible, whether it’s your first time on the trail or you’re a seasoned trekker.

While on the trail, always remember the these Finger Lakes Trail core rules: 

  1. Respect private property and stay on the trail
  2. Travel in groups of 10 or fewer people
  3. Share shelters and campsites with others
  4. Camp or build fires only in designated areas
  5. Cook on camp stoves if possible
  6. Use wood only when necessary for fires
  7. Use dead wood
  8. Do not cut green wood
  9. Purify all water you use
  10. Take all litter back home