Seasonal Information

Every season is different along the Finger Lakes Trail. From the budding greenery of springtime to the first blanket of winter white, and the verdant landscapes of summer and fall’s flaming foliage in between, the Finger Lakes Trail offers year-round hiking adventures and new perspectives with every seasonal transformation. Explore each season below to prepare for your hiking adventures and find information about packing essentials, average temperatures, special moments, and other seasonal tips for planning your hike.

Explore the Trail by Season
Snow-covered paths, clear views and quietude in the woods. There's something magical about a winter hike on the Finger Lakes Trail.
Shake off the cold, reemerge from the depths of winter, and enjoy the budding greenery this spring on the Finger Lakes Trail.
Rise with the sun and hike until the day's last light. It's time to set out on your summer hiking adventure on the Finger Lakes Trail.
There's nothing quite like getting outside to enjoy the foliage, mild days, and beauty of fall ‐ especially along the Finger Lakes Trail.