After a long winter, there’s nothing quite like that first true spring day – when the weather warms, the hillsides take on a light shade of green as the trees bud, and flowers come into full bloom. Take in the very best of nature’s reemergence firsthand during a hike on the Finger Lakes Trail this season. 

As the snow melts and the last bits of ice hidden beneath the trees’ shadows slowly dissipate into the ground beneath, springtime on the Finger Lakes Trail welcomes hikers to emerge from the depths of hibernation and breathe in the fresh spring air. Whether you’re a first-time hiker branching out of your comfort zone, or are a seasoned veteran making the end-to-end trek, all are welcome to enjoy the best of spring along the trail.

During your hiking adventure, enjoy springtime activities that only come once a year, including whitewater rafting in Letchworth State Park or the spring run of rainbow trout in Catherine Creek in Watkins Glen State Park, and take in the beauty of the changing season.

Plan your Spring Finger Lakes Trail Hike 

Before heading out on the trail, planning your hike is crucial to ensure the safety of yourself and others in your group. We’ve rounded up our top picks for spring packing essentials to the left, but our basic tips and tricks for first-time hikers, and information for hiking the whole trail are worth a look, too.

Step out your door, breathe in the fresh spring air and get on your way – a spring hiking adventure on the Finger Lakes Trail awaits!