Summertime is prime-time for hiking on the Finger Lakes Trail. Wake up to the sunrise, set out to scatter the morning dew, and traverse the beautiful verdant hillsides. Along the way, hike forest paths sheltered from the sun and discover the trail’s hidden gems. 

With longer days and warmer temperatures, summer on the Finger Lakes Trail is a time of year when the trail is at its best – when seasoned hikers can clock some serious mileage as they traverse end-to-end, and first-timers get bit by the bug that fuels a hiking passion for years to come.

Set out for your summer hiking adventure to enjoy the warm weather and lush beauty of the season. Along the way, visit a variety of New York State Parks – the trail passes through eight in total – and see some of the state’s most prized natural wonders.

Plan your Summer Finger Lakes Trail Hike

Despite summer being the most low-maintenance of the seasons in terms of preparation, planning your hike on the Finger Lakes is still of importance. Especially for those who are completing a portion of their end-to-end hiking journey, take the time to think ahead and map out your journey step-by-step before heading out.

Summer is fleeting – get out to enjoy the season before the warm weather recedes and fall hiking begins. See you on the trail.